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No Win No Fee

No Win No Fee Injury Lawyers in Brisbane

“In speculative personal injuries cases, lawyers can only charge for professional fees up to 50% of the award less outlays and statutory charges, unless they receive permission to charge more by the Queensland Law Society or Bar Association (s 347, LPA).”

Generally speaking, a ‘no win no fee’ agreement means that you, the client, are only charged a legal fee if your case is won, in your favour, at the end of the litigation process. In addition to this agreement, any law firm that deals in speculative personal injuries cases can only charge a client for professional fees at an amount that makes up to 50% of the compensation amount, less outlays and statutory charges.

East Coast Injury Lawyers are strictly no win, no fee lawyers.

A ‘no win, no fee’ agreement allows Australians to access professional legal representation regardless of their financial situation.  When people from around Queensland seek legal representation for a personal injury claim, they are usually suffering financial hardship because they have been unable to work or provide for themselves or their family as a result of their injury.  This is why East Coast Injury Lawyers adopts a ‘no win, no fee’ guarantee.

It is of great importance that you speak to your lawyer about the terms of their ‘no win no fee’ agreement so that you may fully understand the implications of the agreement. For example, does the agreement include outlays? (Outlays are expenses external to the fees covered by the firm. Examples of outlays include medical report fees and court fees.) At East Coast Injury Lawyers, our ‘no win, no fee’ agreement includes outlay costs and hence why we provide a ‘no win, no fee’ guarantee.

How does a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement work?

Quite simply, a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement is a particular payment structure between a client and their solicitor.  At East Coast Injury Lawyers, if our client’s claim is unsuccessful, and he or she receives no compensation, then our client will not be obliged to pay any legal costs or outlays of our firm.

What is the difference between costs and outlays?

Generally speaking, costs are for professional fees for the professional services provided by your lawyer. The amount you can be charged will be outlined in your costs agreement.

Outlays or disbursements are amounts expended in relation to medical report fees, counsel fees, obtaining medical files, photocopying etc.